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Mr Peter Brooks (
Date:17/09/2013 13:23:01
 Forgive me if this topic has come up before but has anyone out there complained about Cars2go. I will not bore you all with my attempts at getting answers off the council, but I have been informed that the council have an 'agreement' with this company and not a 'contract'. I have been informed that I can not have a copy of this 'agreement'. I have asked how much are the council getting from the company, allowing for them to operate, again no answer. I have lived in Cheam for many years and have to park in the street. This is now becoming harder and harder with numerous cars2go cars parked in the same streets for day after day. Not only these cars, but local expanding businesses and commuters filling up the 'free'parking bays. The council appear to be totally ignoring the concerns of the tax paying local residents and take the attitude of 'so what!'
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Roland Sparkes (
Date:18/05/2009 18:41:12
Subject:New Belmont local history website
 Please be advised that I have set up the following website on the local history of the Belmont area: I am planning on getting a couple of books published in late 2009 - please see site for details and to register your interest. Roland Sparkes Local Historian
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Melanie Eskenazi (
Date:15/04/2009 14:19:22
Subject:BMX Track in Cheam park
 I just wondered how you feel about this proposal? In Cheam village we are horrified at the idea - the proposed land is a lovely wildflower meadow at present, quiet, and many people walk their dogs there. This will all be gone, and in its place a magnet for vandals, truants, litter and graffiti. A similar scheme in Ashtead was much touted as ok because there would be CCTV and it was near a police station! South Cheam residents may feel distant from this now, but these things have knock-on effects. It is being sold as something to keep down vandalism & give kids something to do. I know many teens in Cheam and they all say they have plenty to do, and they don't want their park, where many of them played as little ones, destroyed!
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Barbara Mason (
Date:05/02/2008 06:21:44
Subject:Traffic issues in Downs Road
 Hi. Does anybody know whether any application has been made to the Council for putting a path outside Nos 2-12 Downs Road?
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Lesley Orchard (
Date:03/01/2008 10:42:00
Subject:Street Cleaning
 I would like to no when the pavement outside my property is supposed to be swept. I have notice that from the corner of Holland Ave down to the Mulgrave Road is swept regularly but i have never seen anyone sweeping outside my property. My neighbour has a tree with a preservation order on it and it drops needles 352 days of the year. I have to sweep my driveway regularly but the Council never seem to sweeep the payment. I have rang them on several occasions but they have never rang me back. If possible i would like to see the schedule of the streets that are scheduled to be cleaned.
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Mano Sivanesan (
Date:26/06/2007 17:05:35
Subject:mobile communications mast-planned for High View
 I would like to air my serious objections to the proposed mast that is to be erected near High View-Cheam. i am greatly concerned re the health implications this mast shall have on the people living in the near viscinity. The mast shall also prove to be an eyesore. My property is currently being occupied by tenants. I know that the future plan for this mast shall deter any future tenants from wanting to live near such a mast, this shall also affect me financially. I am greatly opposed to these plans, i hope my views shall be considered.
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Peter Mattey (
Date:01/03/2007 15:39:44
Subject:Controlled Parking Zone in South Cheam
 A number of measures have been proposed for extending the controlled parking zone in South Cheam. These are shown in the Local Matters Page on the website. Give us your views by posting a reply to this entry.
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Peter Mattey (
Date:01/03/2007 15:37:32
Subject:Traffic calming in South Cheam
 A number of measures have been proposed for calming traffic flows in South Cheam. These are shown in the Local Matters Page on the website. Give us your views by posting a reply to this entry.
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J Mc Manus (
Date:02/12/2006 09:26:13
Subject:Traffic in Burdon Lane/South Cheam
 As a resident of this road the volume and speed of traffic including lorries is now a major nuisance to residents. How is the association responding to the council's proposals for traffic calming? Are there any views on how to reduce the volume of cars turning off and onto the A217 to stop the area turning into an even greater rat run? Would filter lights at Cheam village onto the A217 help?
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Paula Summers (
Date:04/06/2006 10:52:21
Subject:Smith %26 Byford, 50, 56, 64 and 64A Upper Mulgrave Road, Cheam.
 I live in Manor Rd, Cheam and am one of the worst affected areas of car parking by employees of Smith & Byford, and their red commercial vans. This company has made my life a missery. I objected to their last planning application siting the grounds that are affecting us now ie, parking and the lack of spaces. Are there other members whose lives are affected by the growth of this company?
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